Monday, July 14, 2008

Shots Hurt

Today Mady had her 2 month check-up and her first round of shots. Wow. Well first off, she's 23 1/2 inches long, 12 lbs and the Dr. says she couldn't be growing more perfectly. Her head circumference is even superb! Now the wow. She was a super little baby, cooing at the Doctor, smiling, and just being all around happy. He commented a couple times on how she was just "such a happy little 2 month old". Then came the needle. Or needles, three of them. Jeffrey had to hold down her little arms so they could put the shots in the front of her pudgy little thighs. She screamed. I cried silently in the corner singing "You are my Sunshine" in my head to block it all out. I've never heard this sound from my beautiful baby. It was the worst. The worst. And there were tears, real tears. It hurt so bad, I could totally tell. And now, at home, you can't put her down or she yelps in the same manner. Jeffrey and I have been taking turns, walking her around, rocking her on the glider, and just sitting with her while she wails. I can't believe I have to do this again in another 2 months. Honestly, I don't think I can handle it. She now has a nasty bruise on her leg. I cry once in a while. Shots hurt.

Question of the day: Why is it that we have touchscreen computers, Apple iPhones, and Guitar Hero but no one can invent a vaccine that doesn't hurt?

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