Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tears Come Easy

I've never thought of myself as a crier. I could pretty much hold it down whenever I needed to. On the other hand, I was always pretty damn good at faking it if I thought it was in my best interest. I realized tonight though, I'm definitely a crier now. Titanic was on, I didn't catch the whole movie but came in right at the end. It's the part where Rose is holding on to the dying Jack while looking up at the sky and singing some awful song. Crazy woman. Anyways, the search guy is driving his little boat around looking for survivors, while the crazy woman ignores him to kiss the dead guy. That didn't make me cry. But at one point they cut back to the man in the search boat and they show a few scenes where he's looking in the water at all the bodies. In the last scene of this sequence they show the water and there is a man with a baby in his arm, a baby about Mady's age, wearing a white gown. They're frozen together. I was on the edge of hysterical.

What a stupid movie.

That's not the first time I realized I had the potential to be a weepy woman, but for some reason that one was the worst. I turned the T.V. off and haven't turned it back on since. Maybe we should just get rid of it.

Don't even get me started on the news. That form of entertainment is just too awful to even comprehend.

QOD: Where can you buy those giant plastic bubbles to put your kids in?

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Megan said...

Yesterday the were showing that damn lion video on the Today show. I've seen it before but yesterday I was hysterically crying every time the even said the lion's name.

Watch it if you haven't seen it yet. Not that I want you to cry, just helps me know I'm not crazy.