Friday, November 14, 2008

Dorks Unite

Jeffrey is out at some Call of Duty contest thing at Gamestop. It's like Dorkfest '08 and he's been excited about it all day. So I've been trying to find some way to entertain myself while I have all this baby-free, Jeffrey-free, me time. Of course I find myself on Babycenter, my one true vice, perusing threads in all the groups I'm a member of. My birth board has a post up titled, "The Cleaning Challenge" and I got totally sucked in. The idea of the game is to take 'before' pictures of your messy hole of a house, clean it up, and then post the 'after' pictures so you can feel all this fabulous pride, and prove that you really are competent in the art of homemaking. I had a lot of fun walking around taking my 'before' pictures, but then I realized I would actually have to clean something. This sucks. But, since I knew that there would be proof of my shower scrubbing abilities, I used more elbow grease than ever before and cleaned this apartment like I was expecting a visit from the health inspector. So now I have a really clean apartment, and this overwhelming feeling that I'm a total loser. Has my life really become so boring that I get excited about cleaning? It's Friday night, and I'm taking before and after pictures of my apartment so I can post them on the internet for strangers to observe.

I guess I'm just a big dork, too.

ETA: Jeffrey won the first round and will play again in January. He received two t-shirts that will never fit him, a ridiculous WWF lunchbox, and a fancy pants certificate stating, "Good Job Soldier". It is now hanging right above his gaming station. If Jeffrey and I were competing for the title of 'Super Dork Extreme', he would win every time. I guess I feel a little better now.

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