Monday, December 8, 2008


My bestest is at the hospital right now, trying to convince her unborn baby to make an appearance. He's nine days past his due date, but Sum's Dr. said he would be out tomorrow afternoon. Um, really? How the hell does he know that? Whatever, she's having a baby and she's having it soon.

Mads will be seven months older than Tiven, which in adult time is pretty much nothing, but in the world of baby, that's like fifty years. I'm a little worried that my babe will beat the hell out of her babe. I mean, obviously a newborn can't "play" with a seven month old, but I'm talking about later on, like when he's five months and Mads is one year. He'll be just learning to roll around and sit, while babe will be... uhh... doing whatever a one year old does. What the heck do they do at that age? Hmm.

Eh, I'll figure it out in five months. Summer's having a baby!!
Happy dance!

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