Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Mads loves tubby time. She likes to splash the water in my face, chew on the washcloth, and bang the baby-wash bottle off the sides of the tub. Occasionally, I'll turn it into Mommy-Baby tubby time and we'll splash in the tub together. That may never happen again.

Today was a long day. Mads has been extra clingy the past couple days, probably because of the three (THREE) teeth that are pushing through her gums right now, so I've been doing a little extra baby-ing of the baby. I swear my arms haven't been baby-less since seven this morning. She won't sleep anywhere but in my arms, doesn't want to play unless she's sitting on my lap, and screams like a banshee on the floor while I pee for five whole seconds. I don't really mind, I guess I've been a little clingy the past couple days too. We're attached at the hip. So when 6:30 bath time rolled around, I wasn't surprised when she started screaming bloody murder the second I plopped her in the tub. I filled the tub a little more and hopped in for some one-on-one splash time. It was a typical bath, she splashed me, I splashed her back, we giggled and hugged and had a super time. Then Mads screwed her face up like she was thinking really hard. I know that face. She gave a little grunt and a couple bubbles rose to the surface. We giggled. Five seconds later, she got the thinking face again, but wait, she's thinking too hard this time. Her face is turning red. Long grunt. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Yellow chunky bath water. I was sitting in it. Splish-fucking-splash.


Steph said...

Oh. My. God.

now Im scared to take a bath with Cole!

Jen said...

:0!!!!!!!!! How funny!! Well, for me it is, for you, not so much!!!!