Friday, January 9, 2009

Assistant Chef

Yesterday, I was standing in the kitchen doing about a million things. Eggs on the stove for breakfast, lasagna in the oven, bread in the toaster, and I was attempting to also finish the dishes. I was having a rough morning, things just weren't going right, and it was all magnified by the sight of Jeffrey playing video games (he was either unaware of the buzzing dryer, or he just didn't care). Mads had both little fists full of skin from my calf, she was using my leg to hold herself up, and I couldn't move from that spot unless I wanted to knock her over. I shuffled side to side, careful to keep babe up, and somehow managed to reach everything I needed. Even though she makes my tiny kitchen feel even smaller, I'm grateful for my little helper.

Yes, I know her hair is atrocious. I told you it was a rough morning.

I've stopped making baby food. I must admit, in the beginning I enjoyed mashing up fruits and vegetables, but towards the end, I hated every second of it. It was like this awful chore hanging over my head, something I had to do, but just never felt like it. Like laundry! Although I can't stop doing laundry, I can stop making baby food. You still won't find any baby food jars in this house, so what am I feeding this kid? Everything. I made her apple pancakes for lunch yesterday, veggie lasagna for dinner, grapes, an apple slice, and some wheat crackers for snacks. It's so much easier having a table food baby. Today we're having homemade turkey noodle soup (not made in this home, Mum made it), and chicken, rice, and veggies for dinner. She eats what I eat, with the exception of iron cereal for breakfast, and she loves sharing food with Mommy.

I'm just glad to have all that mystery puree out of my life. One less thing to gag worry about.

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