Sunday, January 25, 2009

She Bit Me

No shocker there, she bites me every day. Today though, she bit me twice on the arm while I was trying to cut her nails. She bit me hard, too.

Teeth number nine and ten are already peeking through her gums. This kid is like a piranha.


H_R_03 said...

wow! she needs to let Lexi in on her secret on how to get teeth lol we still have none!

Bohemia Momma said...

Holy hell! Wait. Did I miss teeth 5,6,7, and 8? Last I heard was the top two came in lol.

Alexander still sits with only the bottom 2. Wonder when my monster will sprout some new mouth gear.

Aimee said...

Four on the bottom, four on the top, and now two more coming through the top. It's insane.