Sunday, January 18, 2009

Still Snowing

I have cabin fever. It's been snowing for days, and Mads and I have been cooped up in this apartment driving each other crazy. Not that we could go anywhere anyways, Jeffrey has the car. I can't wait to go to work tomorrow. Who says that?

To beat the blues, I set up a cheerio trail around the house, and followed Mads all over the place watching her eat them. Then we had pony time, I pushed her three or four laps around the whole apartment, and when I took her off, she threw her very first temper tantrum. I plopped her back on the pony, and the screaming stopped. Who does she think she is? We played peek-a-boo, a baby version of hide and seek, a couple rounds of leg bounces, and finally a sing-along with that stupid puppy.

Then she said Mum-mum. What's that you say? Mum-mum-boo-boo-da. It's about freaking time! For a while there, I thought the only sounds this kid would make would be gaaa, gooo, and da. Now that she has strung a couple sounds together, she's making them all the time. It's like someone flipped the babble switch. She has always "talked", but this is babbling. It's five minutes of non stop mum-boo-boo-ba-da-da-da-boo-mum-mum-boo-ba-ba-ba-moooooo. Ahhh-boo-ma-mum-ma-boo-da-da-da-da-da-mum-ba-ba-ba-moo-mum-da-ba-booo.

3000 seconds straight.

That's 3000 Uhh-boo-mum-mum-buh's.

You get the point.

If I clap too loud, it turns off the rambles, so I have to just sit there and watch quietly. I'm afraid if I startle her, she'll think babbling isn't fun. Babbling is fun.

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Anonymous said...

Love the cheerios trail. :) Before you know it, she'll be talking up a storm!