Thursday, January 8, 2009

There's a Baby at the Door

Would you let her in?

I find myself in front of that door at least three times a day, trying to scrub off the face/hand prints that Mads leaves every time she stands there (about 100 times in three hours). I wanted a picture from the other side. It would be so cute, right?

I set Babe right in front of that door, and then went outside to get this picture. It was pretty cold, but I knew it wouldn't take long, so I skipped the coat. I gave the babe a little wave and got ready to take my picture. She gave me a puzzled look, crawled over to the little table by the door, and shoved two rocks from the planter in her mouth. I watched the whole thing in slow motion, tripped over myself trying to rescue her, and got in the house just in time to stop the third rock from entering her mouth. I fished out the first two (I'm getting very good at the finger swoop), put both bamboo plants on the entertainment stand, and went back outside to try again.

Mads was sitting on the floor, looking puzzled once again.

I tapped on the glass a couple times, waved my hands and smiled, "Come to the freaking door, baby." It's freaking cold out here. Baby gives me a cheeky grin, then scampers off to the same table. While I was moving the bamboo, I must have somehow slid the candle closer to the edge (this isn't a normal candle, but one of those little Glade candles that you set in a glass holder, you light it and it turns to a puddle... know what I mean?). Anyways, by the time I fell through the door a second time, Mads was in the process of swallowing the huge bite that she had just taken out of that thing. I finger swooped again, and again, and then once more just to be safe. That thing probably tasted awful.

Confident that I was smarter than an eight month old, I cleared the stupid table, and went back out to the fifteen degree, windy ass day, so I could get my picture (one picture, just one, is that so much to freaking ask, for real though, geez). "Please come to the door, Mady. I'm begging you." Not only am I begging, but I'm also tapping/jumping/clapping/psssting/waving/singing/ to get her attention. I'm glad I live on the third floor, I really wouldn't want anyone to see me in this condition, literally frantic for a picture of the balcony door. Mads must have sensed my hypothermia slight distress, because she finally waddled her smiling butt to the door, stood up, and smooshed her face against it. Aww.

I snapped a few pictures. "OK baby, you can get down now." Mads was still standing at the door, smiling at me and smooshing. Aww. She's so cute, but it's cold out here. "Back up Mady, I can't open the door." Smoosh. Smile. The wind is blowing. I open the door a sliver, it knocks Babe off balance a little, so I don't go any further. "Hey baby, back up please." She smiled. How the heck am I going to get in the house? She's blocking the door! She can't stand there long, right? Do I simply wait for her to get bored and go away? But it's so cold though. Knock her down with the door so I don't have to stand outside anymore? Hmm. Good lord, that's mean. She's just a baby.

I tapped, waved, begged, and waited. I don't know how long I waited outside, it felt like at least fifteen hours minutes. When babycake finally crawled away, I was like a Popsicle. She's lucky she moved when she did, I was about 30 seconds from smashing her with the door. Baby or not, it was freaking cold.

All for a slightly blurry, non-smiling, picture. Totally worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Cute picture!!!! Hilarious blog!!!! The things you'll do for a picture..... :)