Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Good Source of Fiber, No?

Madelynn loves to play with paper, and loves to eat it even more. Toilet paper? Practically melts in your mouth. Newspaper? Leaves fun colors on drool covered hands. Super cool. The first three pages of Genesis? Holy paper! You can't leave any paper product alone with this child. She eats the corners off of board books, chews on receipts, and swallows the flaps on envelopes.

But her absolute, most favorite, totally fabulous, paper product is:

A magazine. If she's been an exceptionally good girl all day, I'll throw her an old Cosmo and stand back while she rips each page into little shreds. I fish from her mouth glossy spit-wad after glossy spit-wad until I just can't take it anymore, or she runs out of full pages to tear, whichever comes first.

Talk about recycling.

* So the story with the mismatched babylegs... When I was dressing her this morning, I couldn't find the match to either of those leg warmers, and I had just done laundry so I assumed the dryer had taken those babylegs to that sock pile in the sky (why would they discriminate against babylegs? They wouldn't), which made me very sad. But rejoice, while I was picking up all the bottles that Mads had knocked off her changing table, I found BOTH the matches pushed back underneath it. They never even made it to the washer. So now those two pairs will probably be forever mismatched, because they will never be washed at the same time. Does that make sense? No. No it doesn't.

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