Thursday, February 26, 2009


I didn't make it to bed at 6pm last night. I made dinner for Mads and Jeffrey, picked up the living room a little, and crawled under the covers by seven. At 10:47pm, I was awoken by a wretched, yet familiar sound echoing from the bathroom.

Jeffrey's sick.

Gripping The Alleghenies
Friday, February 6, 2009 – updated: 11:52 pm EST February 6, 2009
CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. -- It has a grip on the Alleghenies.
It's called norovirus and it’s an intestinal infection that causes two to three days of a low-grade fever, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
Norovirus typically circulates during the wintertime and it is very contagious.
When it appears, you'll often see a lot of cases associated with it.
It's a virus acquired through the mouth, so like many other illnesses, washing your hands is the best way to protect yourself.
"There's certainly more cases this year I don't remember seeing more than a handful of cases last year of this so it happens like flu that some years are going to be worse than others and this is a bad year for norovirus,” said Dr. Evan Bell with Centre Medical & Surgical Associates.
Norovirus is not life-threatening, however, dehydration from the virus can lead to more serious illnesses.
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Bohemia Momma said...

Aw damn. should be good as new then tomorrow right? Is Mady ok?

Anonymous said...

I gave you an award at my blog!

Aimee said...

She's fine... so far. I'm terrified that she'll get it though. I mean, if it's spread through the mouth, the odds are definitely not in her favor.

It's so scary. :(