Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Forgot to Show You My Mady's New Car Seat

I can't believe I didn't blog about this the second the humungo box was delivered. The transition from infant carrier to big-girl-seat is a milestone that should not be ignored, especially when that move lands you in an uber-fabulous Britax Marathon:

I used to dream about this car seat, no lie. I wanted one, I needed one, and when I finally opened it, I was not disappointed. I love that seat. Real, true love. It's soft, it's comfy, and it will keep my baby rear-facing so long that all of her friends will make fun of her. ::sigh::

Madelynn? She doesn't know the difference between a Marathon and a Nautilus, nor would she care. But damn, I'm a happy Momma, and a happy Momma makes a happy baby. She looks pretty darn happy, right? It could possibly just be gas, but I'm thinking it's the car seat.


cecilia said...

Mady looks like she is seating on a plane seat on her way to Florida, yeah! LOL

Jillian said...

I received mine the other day and Marley LOVES IT!...well, she falls asleep every time she's in it so at least i know its comfortable.And yes they are amazingly cute.

Anonymous said...

Love that pattern on the seat!!! She looks happy to me!!