Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mommy's Little Helper and Her New Bestie... Plus Crafty, Injured Momma, all in One Post...Plus More. Long Title, huh? Haha.

Madelynn is 100% involved in everything I do. Everything. She takes spoons out of the dishwasher for me, smacks the tub with her own little cloth while I scrub, and flushes the toilet after I pee. OK, so she's a little too helpful. I can poop all by myself

Usually I enjoy having a little helper, but for some tasks, she's more like a 'little hinderer' than a helpful bonus. Let's take laundry for instance.

I fold...

She unfolds.

I re-fold...

She unfolds.

It's a vicious cycle that makes my most-hated chore just a bit harder. She's cute though, right?

After I successfully shooed Mads away from the laundry pile, I got to serious work and folded my little heart out. As I finished, I realized that I hadn't seen, nor heard from the little bugger in almost five whole minutes. I must have been in the zone or something. I called her name, and seconds later she emerged from her room carrying her new best friend.

(LOVE that crazy hair, right?)

Cheap baby wipes? But wait Mads, I'll trade you one pack of wipes for one brown teddy. Good trade, huh?

Err, I guess not. She carried those wipes around all day long, chewing the corner and giving it hugs. Kind of a nontraditional lovey, wouldn't you say? Whatever makes you happy, Kiddo. Whatever.

Yesterday was craft day with a couple friends. We spent an insane amount of time perusing the aisles at Micheal's, the most amazing craft store in the world. I couldn't decide where my creative energy would best be used, so I settled on a wooden mirror that I planned to mosaic with broken glass. I had no idea what I was doing, but instead of buying a kit with simple, clear directions, I bought out the whole mosaic aisle and figured I'd just wing it. Hmm. That was not a good plan. I suffered my very first craft day injury.

Did I cut myself on a glass tile? No. That would just make too much sense. I cut myself on the corkscrew while I was opening the "craft day" bottle of wine. Damn wine keys. :)

I'll show you my super-cool-mosaic-mirror after I grout it. I'm very proud of my uber-craftiness. Aside from my weekly Martha Stewart-esque attempts, I also joined a bowling league. Yes, a bowling league. My first tournament was on Thursday, and I bowled a 108, 97, and 103. I hope I don't pull their average down too much. I never said I was good at bowling, just that I had joined a league.

In totally unrelated news, my washing machine committed appliance suicide a couple days ago. I was doing a load of baby clothes, when all of a sudden the washer just stopped doing what it does. I was left with a washing machine full of water and baby clothes. In passing, I told Mum that my washer had taken a shit, and that I was headed to the laundromat... again. While I was drinking wine crafting yesterday, Mum and Daddy broke into my apartment, disposed of my old washer, and installed a brand-spankin'-new one from Home Depot. It's gorgeous, and my parents are the coolest, most wonderful people I have ever met. There was even pizza in the fridge.

That's it.

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