Friday, March 6, 2009

Nap Time Was Obviously Over

Mads was taking a nap in the bedroom. I had layed her on the bed and shut the door, not latched, just shut, and turned the baby monitor on. Jeffrey and I were doing whatever we do, I think he was playing video games and I was just sitting on the couch with the laptop. Nap had been going on for quite a while, I think I even said something about her sleeping so long.


Mads peeked around the corner at Jeffrey. Not only did that baby climb out of bed and open the door without a sound, but she also walked the whole way down the hallway, with her stuffed puppy in her hand, without either of us noticing.

Jeffrey and I looked at the baby, looked at each other, looked back at the baby...

"What the hell are you doing??"

She's so frickin' big.


cecilia said...

I could just picture her walking on the hallway with her stuff animal and smiling... She is so bright...You two have to catch up...LOL

Jen said...

Oh my!