Thursday, March 12, 2009

Not Tupperware

A couple friends from work invited me to yet another selling party. It's not Mary Kay, Southern Living, or anything with plastic containers.

It's a Pleasure Party. I'm going to a sex toy party. (Are Mommies even aloud to go to things like that?)

I've never been to one of these before, and although I consider myself pretty liberal, the conservative in me is really nervous. I have visions of strobe lights and ten foot dildos in every corner of a smoky room. Cock rings displayed in jewelry cases and fuzzy handcuffs hanging from a chandelier. Dr. Ruth demonstrating the proper usage of a vibrator. ::shudder:: It's not really gonna be like that, right?

I picked up a bottle of Jose in hopes that a little tequila will get me through the embarrassment. There's nothing like a margarita to make double-ended dildos look like a good idea.


So anyways, I'm for sure taking my camera. I try to keep my blog PG-13, but I may have to bump it up to X-rated so I can share my first sex party with you. You've just been warned. If vibrating condoms aren't your thing, stay off my blog tomorrow.

*Dear Madelynn, If you have stumbled across Mommy's blog before the age of 18, I'm going to have to ask you to get the eff off of it RIGHT NOW. Why are you even using the computer unsupervised? Go to your room. Love, Mommy.


Steph said...

They are fun! Can get a little embarrassing though when they make ya start "trying things out" !! LOL Just kidding!

Aimee said...

Oh gee, thanks Steph, now I'm REALLY scared.

Bohemia Momma said...

They are super fun, especially with alcohol! We even tied one of our girls up to the sliding backdoor doors lol.

I doubt there will be a ten foot winky though. Or Dr. Ruth. She's creepy.

*owns a DD*

Aimee said...

I'm probably going to regret asking this but, what the hell is a DD?

H_R_03 said...

lol i think what Emily was saying that she owns a Double ended Dildo? lol i think that is were the DD comes from hehe..yeah i havent been to one, i have a friend that keeps bugging me about it lol

Anonymous said...

Have fun! The first one I went to I was wide eyed! It's a wee bit embarrassing! :)