Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Big Bunny

Remember the Santa fiasco? I didn't really think the big bunny would be different. I was hoping that they would hurry up and take the picture before Babe had a chance to process what was going on. It didn't work that way this time. Madelynn screamed like she was being tortured. There were real tears, slapping hands, and 'mum-mum-mum's galore. The 14 year old behind the camera was squeaking a dog toy. What is it with photographers? My child is not a puppy. Now, if you had a squeaky breast back there, you may get a better response, but a dog toy? No. Not happening.

I really didn't want to be in the picture. I tried to sneak out at the last minute, hoping that Babe would be comfortable with the bunny now that we had hung out with him for a good fifteen minutes seconds. It didn't work that way.

This is by far the absolute worst picture of me ever. I'm not even looking at the camera, I'm laughing at Keng. And Mads? Well that's not really a smile, it's more like a painful attempt at looking normal. And the bunny? I mean really, is that not the ugliest bunny costume you have ever seen? Be honest, that's a FUGLY bunny.

I love this picture. LOVE.

Happy Easter.

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Lacey said...

That picture is hysterical. OMG, I am so sad I didn't go with you guys so I could have witnessed it. And Peter is the ugliest fucking rabbit I've EVER seen in my life. Even uglier than the rabid bunnies I run into occasionally. LOL. He's a creeper- why wouldn't the kid scream when she looked into those twisted eyes? And the check thing, that is the gayest reason to decline a check ever. Why the eff didn't happy go lucky cashier ask you for your phone number? I'm not gonna lie- that slightly confuses me. Happy Easter hussy.