Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Clap

No, I don't have it. Thanks though.

So we went to Lacey's for dinner tonight, and Mads was just sitting on my lap at the table doing nothing. All of a sudden, out of no-freakin'-where, the chick starts clapping. CLAPPING! I'm a huge clapper, I seriously say "YAY!" and clap like an idiot every time she farts, so I've really been waiting on the clap. This a big deal to me. So anyways, I clapped back, and holy shit she clapped again. After that first clap, she was clapping all night long, and there's not a Momma in the world who is more proud than yours truly.

We kept her up past bed time, so I'll wait until tomorrow to try for a video. You have to see the clap. It's amazing.


cecilia said...

I can't wait until the video...LOL

SHAWNY said...

The CLAP? Alright Aimee.