Saturday, April 25, 2009

Real Quick

Babe will be waking up any minute so real fast...

My sister and her girlfriend are visiting from North Carolina. We went shopping downtown yesterday, and Shawna bought Mads a puppy puppet and the cutest pair of Robeez sandals that I have ever seen. After Babe went to bed last night, Shawna, Lauren and I went for a drive to look at graveyards. We all freaked each other out and no one would get out of the car (even though I brought the Elmo flashlight).

Tonight, my whole family is going out to dinner and then bowling, then Mum is going to watch Babe while we (Jeffrey included) go out for a little bit.

Here's a not-so-spectacular video of Mads clapping. I'm hoping to get a better one some time today.

Yaaayy!! Yaayyy! Good Lord, someone stop me. I sound like an idiot in every single video. I'm going to start muting the sound.

BTW: It's about 5,000 degrees in my apartment (supposed to be 84 today). Although I'm sweating balls (literally, I'm about one degree away from pit stains), I couldn't be happier.


Lacey said...

Don't you have central air?

cecilia said...

OMG...She is amazing...we watch the video so many times...LOL

SHAWNY said...

She's way too cute.