Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Breakdown

7:30am- Boob, wake up, change dipe, brush teefers, and make coffee together. She should be able to do it herself by next week.

8:30am- Breakfast in her highchair, with her back to the Today Show.

8:45am- Splash time in the sink.

9:45am- Boob/Snack time.

10:15am- Dance time with Mommy.

11:00am- Boob/Lunch in her highchair, with her back to Ellen.

11:30am-2:00pm- Boob/Nap.

2:05pm- Boob/Snack time.

3:05pm- Boob.

4:05pm- Boob.

5:00pm- Boob/Dinner.

6:00pm- Bath time.

6:30pm- Naked time.

7:00pm- Boob/Bed time.

12:00am- Boob.

Repeat. Are you seeing a pattern here?

And now you know, I have at least one breast out from sun up to sun down, with a brief intermission from 11:30 to two. I thought they cut down as they got older? I need a nursing strike.

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