Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Fairy-Tale-Pic-Overload

Once upon a time, on a bright, sunny Saturday, Princess Madelynn had a birthday party.

She was a sad princess, with dirty shoes and a crooked sash.

Fortunately, she was the fairest maiden in the county, so no one cared about those dusty slippers.

The dashing prince Mason was brought in to cheer the princess up. Sadly, even a handsome prince couldn't fight the grumpies. The king? Let's just say he had his hands full.

As a last resort, the Fairy Grandmother and her sister-in-law (Tinker-Aunt) were brought in to give it a try. Princess Madelynn's grumpies were no match for the Puppy-Ear-Tickler, and they were quickly tickled away.

So happy she could burst, the princess went on a violent hugging spree, nearly crushing Sir Tiven in her uber-huggy-grip.

Famished from all that tickling and hugging, the princess went in search of food.

The wise king Pappy was more than happy to help the girl out.

With her belly full of enchanted cheese and fairy-dusted grapes, no one was sure if she would be interested in her strangely shaped smash cake. (That's a whole 'nother story.)

But the princess always has room for cake!

Although the princess has always been a fan of the shoveling method, she decided to try a new way of eating. Carrot cake diving.

Princess Madelynn's belly was full, but her outfit was in shambles! Oh no!

Knowing that messy princess means "It's bath time, Princess," Madelynn tried to escape.

Although she's pretty fast, she was quickly apprehended, and promptly hosed off.

But not even a princess can get away with messing her gown. The wise king Pappy was quick to serve up her punishment. She must walk the plank!

Although her punishment was pretty harsh, Princess Madelynn loved Pappy all the same.

After a full day of being passed around like Princess Hot Potato, Madelynn happily went to sleep a half hour early, snuggled up to her old friend, Mr. Bear.

The End.


H_R_03 said...

ohh my gosh that is so cute! you do an awesome job at story telling! sounds like she and your family, friends had a fun time!

SHAWNY said...

Aw! Looks like the lil one had a great birthday and I love the cake. But I feel like it's hard to believe that you and Jeffery did not do that all by yourselves. Now tell everyone the truth, let them know that Josephine made the cake an did a BEAUTIFUL job.

cecilia said...

What a beautiful set of pictures and the story that goes along with it... The cake came out great...I can't wait until you come here and make Josh's cake...Let me know what you need, so I'll have it ready for you...
Maddy looks like a little princes that she is...Love it, love it...