Thursday, May 7, 2009

Swimmy Day Dos

Swimming again today. I was prepared for the worst, hip attachment to the extreme, tiny fists digging into that hangy part of my arm, surprisingly strong, vice-like legs clinging to my waist. Eh, none of that happened. Madelynn took to that massive bathtub like a pro. She splish-splashed, motor-boated, chlorine-gulped and back-floated. The kid's a natural. That first swim class must have been a fluke. Thank you, Lord.

Since we were late to our first swim class (which must have been incredibly annoying for that crazy-lady-swim-instructor [she hates us]), we got to the pool with a butt-load of time to spare. What do people do in their free time? Well, I don't know what "people" do, but Megan and I take pictures of our kids...

Now, I don't know what those kiddos were really thinking while they sat next to that humongous pool, but since I'm an uber-creative person, I've decided to fill in the dialogue anyways:

"Hey Mase, check out that purple dinosaur wearing the two-piece!"

"Mads, you're crazy. That dinosaur is clearly yellow. And square."

"Kitten poop! That dinosaur is definitely an octagon! Look again!"

"Madelynn, you're not only color-blind, but you couldn't put blocks in a shape-sorter if I paid you one kabajillion animal crackers."

"Ugh. Boys are boring and always wrong."


Meg said...

Ace has that same bathing suit--adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

She looks adorable! i believe that Swimming classes should be something that a person takes up when young. Kids enjoy it most of the time anyway!