Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dear Blog

Oh how I've neglected you, tossed you aside in favor of sunshine and fun, kites that I can't fly and little turtle sand boxes. I've thought of you frequently, mostly at night when I'm too tired from swimming or swinging or sliding to actually devote any time to you. It makes me sad when I click on the little "view blog" link and find posts from weeks ago, so many fun days and pictures that I've skipped. Dear Blog, I wish I could tell you that I'll be back to my three post a day minimum, but that's simply not true. Apparently I'm a winter writer. Who knew?

My 14 month old is still wearing 6 month clothing, she can point to my nose, tongue and feet on demand, she has had skim milk (from a cow) on her cheerios. She has skinned her first knee, and then her second, and after the first healed she skinned a third. She baby paddles in the pool, can eat a whole quart of blueberries if you let her, and has four beautiful molars. Even slathered in a massive amount of sunblock she has managed to get a little baby tan, she loves wild berries and walking by herself at all times. Babe must participate in all showers throughout the day, throw all garbage in the trash can by herself, sort all socks and bibs and dish rags, and has finally mastered the triangle in her shape-sorter. She understands everything I say, and I've been trying very hard to clean up my potty-mouth before it's too late (her next word will either be twat or waffle, I'm sorry). She helps pick up her toys, loves to read at least six books a day, dumps water on my head to wake me up and plays patty-cake like a pro.

We're having a fabulous summer. Every day holds a new adventure, every dog is called a cat first, every party leaves Babe exhausted and happy. Fire works were super fab, water parks are super fun and beachy days are just plain super. Every Saturday from now until September is already accounted for, family reunions and work picnics and bbq's. We'll be in Florida from August 7th to the 19th, then a long camping weekend as soon as we return. I'm going to try to keep up with my blog, I really do want Babe's first summer of fun to be documented, but I'll settle for a mish-mash picture post on September 3rd if I have to.

Happy Summer.

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cecilia said...

she is truly enjoying the summer...