Sunday, August 9, 2009

Florida Day Tres

Today Madelynn went to breakfast with her grandparents, her great-grandparents, and her great aunt while Jeffrey and I played Wii with Josh and Jennifer. The rest of this 103 degree day (I'm not kidding, 103 was the high for today) was spent at the most fabulous pool I have ever been to. This pool had a separate pool for Madelynn's age group, water slides, diving boards and a ton of other things that I can't remember now that I'm suffering from heat stroke.

The water was like, three inches in places. It was the coolest pool ever.

Even though Mads was slathered in 60+ SPF, she still received a little baby tan line on her butt cheek. Unfortunately I had forgotten to SPF myself, so I walked out with a Rudolph red nose and crispy shoulders. Grandpa set up a huge pool for Madelynn and made us ice cream cones.

Jeffrey and I hunted for Jovan again and found him exactly where we knew we would. (?)

And now I'm going to roll the whole way to bed. I'm too exhausted to move. It's so damn hot here, 103 degrees takes a toll on your body after twelve hours. This is why I live in Pennsylvania, I just can't take the heat. I miss the north (and my friends, my apartment and maybe even the cat [I miss you, too, Mum and Daddy!!]). I plan to invent the "punctuation check" button. Don't steal my idea!


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