Saturday, September 19, 2009

Duk? Duk? Duck!

Bye? Bye? Duk? Bye? Bye? Bye? Shooz! Shooz? Bye? Shooz-bye? Bye? Duk!

Madelynn's vocabulary, along with the fact that she understands what she's saying shocks me hourly (quarter-hourly even). Wanna go see the ducks, Madelynn? For answer, see above. This is all while she's hunting down her shoes and attempting to put them on herself. How did this happen? How in the world does she know that she needs to find her shoes before we can go bye? Why would she even consider such a thing? She's a baby! Correction, she is a toddler. It's sad and exciting, all at the same time. Who knew motherhood could bring on such conflicting emotions nearly every 30 seconds of every day? They really do grow up so fast.

End sob story. So anyways, armed with a whole bag of hot-dog rolls (which had been in my freezer since... the beginning of time at least), we went to see the ducks today (and we wore shooz). It was an action-packed park fest for sure.

After naming all of the ducks (one was named Duk!, while the others were named either Duk? or Ber [that's "bird" in case you didn't get it]), I cut Mads loose, giving her free range of the entire park. No stone was left unturned. No mountain was too big:

No bridge was too long:

None of the swings went high enough (we tried them all, twice):

She crossed treacherous waters:

And even found some time to stop and smell the flowers:

I'll give you this, Toddlerhood. You definitely keep me on my toes.

I have a beautiful life, made brighter every day by toddler kisses and belly button hunts. Motherhood may be a total mind-fuck, but the reward is priceless.

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