Friday, September 18, 2009

Feed the Pig

Madelynn has numerous piggy banks. Block shaped, horse shaped and of course pig shaped. Until recently, those piggy banks had been collecting dust on a window sill, occasionally finding themselves on the floor after the Madelynn hurricanes of June, July and August. As Mads gains new abilities, new games are invented, and one of her favorites by far is feeding her pig.

Pinky the Pig is filled almost to capacity with laundry money.

I have a confession. A couple weeks ago, I assaulted that pink pig. I snuck into Madelynn's room like a thief in the night and lifted two whole dollars in silver money to pay for parking. The guilt consumed me, and while Mads was sleeping, I deposited a crisp five dollar bill into Pinky the Pig to make amends. I counted the funds in Pinky two days ago, and Madelynn is fairly rich for a 16 month old. I wonder what she'll buy? Probably not two hours worth of parking.

Side note: It is now Babyleg season once again! There are perks to saying good-bye to summer.

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