Monday, September 14, 2009

Florida Seis through Doce?

I haven't blogged in four weeks, obviously I'm not going to ever finish my cute Florida theme. Here's some pictures.

Pappy and Mads in the pool:

Cecilia and I before someone's anniversary dinner. Mads is just an extra in the photo, she didn't go. Neither did Jimmy or Jeff. Punks.

This is the cake I made for Jeffrey and Josh's birthday. J.A.P X2 because they both have those initials! That's Madelynn's cake on the side, after all, she wouldn't be here if Jeffrey didn't have a birthday.

These are from a fishing trip. I caught a trout! Jeffrey drank some brew,

and caught the bottom of the ocean.

Haha, I'm kidding, he caught a fish too. Just not in this picture, he's really pulling on the ocean when this was taken.

Woo-hoo Florida! We had a fabulous time and I was only one day past home-sick when we left. Good timing!

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