Monday, September 14, 2009

A Tower by a 16 Month Old

Amazing right? The kid is a frickin' GENIUS I tell you.

Alright, so I built it. Mads knocked it down though. Megan and I took a trip to Kid to Kid the other day and I found some fabulous wooden toys for practically free (thank God I hit the toy aisle before Megan, I thought there was going to be a brawl over the super-fab-super-stacker wooden toy). That was my first trip to Kid to Kid and now I plan to go once a week. Holy super toys. I play with these blocks after Madelynn goes to bed. I'm not kidding, I've played with them for at least an hour every night since I brought them home. You can just make such cool shit with that toy! Madelynn? She throws the blocks at my head.

What's up with that anyways? If there's something in her hand, no matter what it is, she chucks it at my head. I took one of those "fist crayons" to the eye yesterday. Chick has an arm.

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cecilia said...

Maybe she is going to be a softball player like her mom...