Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Park is Still in Season!

Allow me to start this post with a small rant. I take Mads to the park pretty much daily, pushing her up the big bad hill in her fabulous, twelve dollar, umbrella stroller. If I'm feeling like super-woman, I'll sling her in the hip hold and trek up that sidewalk mountain like a champ. When our adventure is over, I deposit the umbrella stroller (or the sling) in the trunk of the Kia and that's that. Well, Jeffrey took the Kia to work today, which left me with no umbrella stroller and no sling. Curses! I had two options, I could either attempt the mile with Mads trundling beside me (there's no way she would just let me carry her the whole way, not without the sling), or I could drag the ginormous, pain in the total ass, heavy as hell travel system out of the Ford. I made the wrong decision (travel system).

After suffering something like an asthma attack on the way up the hill, and then almost taking the trip down on my face (that thing was dragging me the whole way), I sent Jeffrey a text message, hoping for a little compassion. Did I get that?

A: I had to push that huge stroller to the park. I thought I was dying on the hill.

J: Haha, exercise is good for you! Sorry I forgot the trash, I'll text you when I get home so you can throw it at me.

A: I would love to throw it at you.

J: I figured you would say that.

Compassion fail. Apparently, I'm looking a little pudgy and in need of some exercise. Maybe that's not exactly what he said, but I'm awesome at reading between the lines.

Onto the pictures!

And finally, the stroller that almost killed me:

Safety first my foot.


Monkeys mama said...

Those travel systems are def a pita to lug around! I can't wait to get a different one. Oh, and your little girl is so adorable :)

cecilia said...

The end result is that Mady had a great time and you took wonderful pictures... Sunday is a better day when I get to see Mady doing the latest adventure... or should I say Aimee and Mady greatest adventure...say hello to Jeff...