Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Nikon and First Cotton Candy

I have a camera, and my life feels complete now. :)

On March 25th, I took Madelynn to an Easter Egg hunt for kiddos five and under. Let me tell you, those 3-4-5 year olds are ruthless when it comes to egg hunting. Care to guess how many eggs my little love walked away with? One egg. Yes, just one, and we only got that one because I snatched it out from under an incredibly large five year old (he looked fourteen). Today, Jeffrey and I took her to yet another egg hunt. Apparently I didn't learn my lesson from the first, as Mads walked away with no eggs. No eggs as in, none. Happy Easter, Kiddo.

There were ducks though!

And lots of pretty, green grass to walk on:

And slides:

And "spets!"

And swings:

And perhaps most importantly, free cotton candy:

We let Mads drive home:

Kidding (look how big she looks!):

Seriously, who needs plastic eggs on a day like that?

Tomorrow after Easter dinner, Grammy is having an egg hunt for Emmy, Ethan and Mads, so hopefully she'll be able to get an egg or two. If not, well there's always next year.

I can't even begin to tell you how exciting it is to have a camera.

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cecilia said...

Thank God Papy Jim was starving for Maddy pictures and stories.Keep them comming.She looks so big and beautiful.Drives like me. (this is papy)
I am so happy that you finally got a camara...Mady looks so beautiful as always... Where were those parents that allowed their children to take so many eggs and not shared with the little ones... tomorrow will be a better day for Mady. She will be in her turf.. Happy Easter to all of you...we love you guys... Abue