Sunday, May 30, 2010

Horses and Slides, Oh My!

Jeffrey, Mads and I hit up the first carnival of the summer! After overpriced pizza and soft serve, it was time for rides.

Hi, Mommy!

After the horses, which had to be ridden twice, Mads pointed out the ginormous slide. I was a little wary of the slide, I mean, the thing is seriously huge. I figured Mads would get half-way up the steps and freak out, or even make it the whole way to the top and freak out.

At the start:

Trudging up:

Get ready:



So Mommy was wrong again. She loved the slide. I need to start giving that kiddo a little more credit.

After picking the three worst ducks in the duck game and fishing out the worst shark in the fishing game, we headed home with our cheap prizes and an empty wallet. The look on my silly family's faces coming down that slide sure made it worth every penny though!

*Seriously though, on the price of carnival rides these days! Each ticket was $1, and you needed three tickets for each ride. That's six bucks for Jeffrey and Madelynn to ride the carousal one time! Makes seventy-five cents for a mall ride seem more than reasonable. Robbery, I tell you.

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cecilia (Abue) said...

Mady is one little brave girl...being next to her day gives her the strenght to be looks like you guys had a great time and thanks to you Aimee we all get to see it...