Thursday, November 4, 2010

Helping Hand Tree

Madelynn loves to help with everything. Whether her assistance actually makes life easier is seriously questionable, but she definitely enjoys being a part of the chores. To show my appreciation (real or faked), we made a fun craft.

First we went through old magazines to find pictures of things Mads helps with. Diaper care, saving money (by putting all the change in piggy banks), laundry sorting and cooking, etc.

Then it was time for hand-tracing and cutting them out.

I drew a simple trunk on a piece of card stock, and Mads glued all of the hands to the tree.

And here you have it, the helping hands tree.

Because there's not already enough shit on my refrigerator. :)


Pappy Jim said...

My granddaughters are just too cute. And Eve looks like she also wants too join in. She is getting big.Love

Abue and Pappy said...

Madelynn did such a great job making the helping hand tree...and Evelynn looks like she also want to do a helping hand tree, she is almost out of that chair...The girls are so adorable and beautiful...I miss them so very much...

Edie Mindell said...

What a fantastic and unique art your child did.:-) I'm pretty much sure she really enjoyed the activity. Your baby seems to be well interested too.:-)