Monday, November 15, 2010

The Turkey Project

Since Halloween, we've been following the 'one piece of candy a day' rule. Actually, Mads has been following the rule, I've been sneaking MilkyWays every time her back is turned. When she walked out from nap the other day, she found me red handed (or candy-wrapper-fisted) with her severely depleted candy stash in my lap. I was caught and it wasn't like I could just wave her away without a piece of candy. So... we ate it all and made another craft as an excuse.

Don't mind her crazy hair, it's pasted to her face with sticky Skittle slop .

And now I just have to lose all that candy weight in the ten days before Turkey Day... so it will all even out. Right?

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Abue... said...

Another excellent piece of art! Madelynn is a super star and still as beautiful as ever...Can I get a turkey? Some of the students at my school are making art from recycling and Madelynn is better than the ones here...