Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Miss Ev and Mr Claus

Last year, we couldn't get Mads to sit on Santa's lap. She was terrified of the guy, and I didn't want to force it. This year, I tried to get her ready starting in November. We talked about Santa every day, we talked to him online, we watched movies about him, we love-loved that guy. When Jeffrey and I told Mads that we were going to see Santa, she was so excited. She talked about it all day long, "are we leaving yet? I want to see Santa! Tell him presents. See Santa?"

So we get to the mall and OMG there he is! Madelynn was jumping and pointing, "It's Santa!! It's Santa!!" We climb the stairs to see the big guy and...

Mads wouldn't go anywhere near him. Maybe next year.

And Ev? Well that girl just loves everyone.

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