Friday, February 19, 2010

Mac Moron

Why haven't I posted yet? Because I'm a Windows girl! iPhoto? Finder? Nifty Dashboard? Where's the fucking start button? It took me until this morning to figure out how to right click, the mouse only has one button! Every time I accidentally drag something off of my dock, it goes *poof* (literal poof here, there's fleeting smoke and everything) and I can't find it again. I'm a Mac-Moron and this new operating system is going to take a minute to get used to.

I've been loading these three photos all day (into about 14 different locations), so enjoy them. I worked hard for this.

My little cupcake eating a cupcake. I actually made them to feed Mason when I watched him last weekend. I wanted to make sure he was in full on sugar shock before I sent him home. Don't mess with the babysitter.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I don't know if you noticed or not, but I haven't been around for a while. It's not that I haven't wanted to post, I really did want to. The situation was as follows:

Day one. After purchasing power cord after power cord after power cord, I finally realize that my Compaq needs a new DC jack... NOT a new power cord. Fortunately, I can now start a Compaq power-cord store. That's all we are going to sell, Compaq cords and maybe Swedish fish for the kiddos.

Day two. After finding out that my laptop is pretty much worth less than the cost of labor to fix it, I destroy the Compaq, removing all screws, the hard drive, the battery, everything.

Day five. I finally get to the DC jack, and break it off. Ahhh... that feels better.

Day six. I clean Jeffrey's Compaq of all Trojans and Adware (that's 549 infections [porn much??]).

Day seven. New trojan. Alright, so it's not porn. It's just Babycenter.

Day fourteen. Clean Compaq once again, but what is that clicking noise?

Days fifteen through twenty-five. Blue screen of death. Kernal Stack Inpage Error.

Day twenty-six. I remove Jeffrey's shit-clicking hard drive and throw it under the couch. Nice.

Today. My awesomely awesome husband bought me a wonderful, fabulous, stupendous Apple PowerMac for an unbelievable price (it was practically theft). It's used, but it's not a Compaq. Beautiful day.

And I'm back. I'll probably still fix the Compaqs so we have them, but now that I'm back in the computer saddle, I feel no sense of urgency. Their pieces are scattered throughout the apartment, and I'm a happy girl. Too tired to actually blog anything important (I'll tackle that tomorrow), but definitely pleased with my unreasonable self.