Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Faces of Tub Time

Bathing a slippery baby is hard enough in itself, so adding a toddler to the mix is just a big, wet mess.

As much as I dread 6pm tubby time, it's probably the girls' favorite part of the day.

And now I need to go clean the five gallons of water off the floor and hang the bath mat up to dry. Again.


Demetrius' mommy. said...

they are so beautiful!
i love their eyes they both
have such pretty eye colors.

Abue said...

The girls are so pretty... and indeed they do love taking a bath... I remember that Mady got me wet a few times.... and I was afraid for Evelyn to slip out of my hands because a lather them with so much soap...lol fun, fun, fun time... happy babies...