Friday, March 25, 2011


The sweet sound of pee tinkling into the potty is music to my ears.

Mads: I pee on the potty get tic tacs?
Me: Yup, if you pee on the potty, you'll get tic tacs.
Mads: I get tic tacs now?
Me: No, you have to pee on the potty to get tic tacs.
Mads: I get tic tacs now and just hold them. No eat them, just hold them.
Me: Yeah right, kid.

Madelynn ran to get her sippy and chugged like I've never seen before. Ten minutes later:

Mads: I need to go potty, Mommy.

I set Mads down on the potty and instantly she peed the longest pee I've ever heard peed. We're talking, I've-been-boozing-for-the-past-three-hours-and-if-I-don't-break-the-seal-right-this-instant-I'm-going-to-urinate-all-over-myself kind of pee.

I gave that kid the whole box of tic-tacs plus an awkward hug before she had even finished. Tic-tacs are cheaper than diapers.


Abue and Pappy said...

What a wonderful little girl Madelynn is ... she is going to be such a great example to her little sister... We miss out grandkids so very much...kiss, hugs...

Thoughts from a finally single Mommy said...

We used M&M's, works like magic. :) Wish I had thought of tic-tacs much less messy and a convenient little container. Way to go Mom - potty training, check!