Friday, April 22, 2011


Nosy people love to ask, "Are you ever going to turn her car seat around?" They also assume that she must hate sitting that way, it must be uncomfortable, and my personal favorite, "don't other kids make fun of her?" Why yes, all those toddler bullies on the block throw rocks at her because of her car seat. 

Obviously two years and eleven months of rear-facing is a hard habit to break. Sorry kiddo, you're at the weight limit and there's no "turning back."

That was last week so she's pretty used to it by now. She still asks occasionally if her seat can be like Ev's, but I think she really enjoys looking through the windshield. She likes to tell me what color the lights are and point to different signs and buildings. I like that I can see what she's doing, so when she starts beating Ev in the face with a board book, I can hurl threats into the backseat with ease. I'm a big fan of the convenience.

I'm worried about those bully toddlers though. Who will they make fun of now?

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Abue and Pappy said...

I love how Madelynn replies to your questions, while Eve is attentive in the background...Hugs and kisses to the best little girls...and watch out for those bully parents, not the kids...