Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stupid Teeth

Madelynn is having an awful day. She likes to suck her thumb while she falls asleep for a nap, but every time she tries, she wails. I'm assuming it hurts her tooth because she's never acted like this before. She won't eat either, when she tries, she gets one good suck in and then starts screaming. It's so sad, and so damn frustrating, for both of us. She's miserable, I'm miserable, and I can't wait until Jeffrey gets home so he can be miserable with us. I've been holding out on doing anything for her, I've heard that Orajel can make it hard for her to swallow all that drool, so I haven't even used it yet. After about an hour of tears, when all she wanted was to sleep, I finally broke down and gave her Tylenol. I medicated my baby. I feel awful. But, it worked. She's been sleeping for the past half hour with her thumb tightly screwed in her mouth and we feel so much better. Teeth suck.

One down, nineteen to go.

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