Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Developmental Limbo and Dance Revolution

Madelynn is in some kind of transition phase, where she can do everything, but she sucks at it. She sits by herself, but after a little while gets bored and throws her head backwards, either landing in my arms or on the million pillows I have to put around her. Super scary. She's been rolling from her back for about a week now, but when she gets to her stomach, she can't remember how to roll the other way, which really pisses her off. I've been trying to get it on film but she only does it when my back is turned. We're constantly practicing, but we seem to be pretty stuck in this skills limbo. I think she's even practicing in her sleep because she'll be completely out and then I'll hear a yelp on the baby monitor. When I run in, she's stuck on her stomach, and that's even with a sleep positioner.

She has two teeth now. Both bottom front teeth have broken through, it's so damn cute. But, they're sharp and she bites me! She chews on everything and anything she can get to her mouth and if that means my shoulder, finger, cheek, etc. then so be it. I bought her this super cool vibrating teether that she absolutely loves. When she bites down on it and the vibrating starts, she smiles like it's the best thing in the world. I tried biting it and it kind of hurt my head. Whatever.

This is such an exciting time.

My birthday is October 24th and according to the calender, it's on a Friday this year. I called my mum to ask if she would babysit. For the whole night. Overnight. Like the whole thing. Of course she said yes, but I'm a little nervous and it's still almost two months away. Even though Mady will be almost six months when the time comes, I'm afraid I'll chicken out at the last minute and call the whole thing off. Overnight seems so long. But there is still the 22 year old in me that absolutely can't wait to go out with Jeffrey and drink specials all night. And dance! Holy hell I probably don't even remember how to dance, not that I was ever that good before.

Look for me. I'll be the white girl snapping my fingers or waving my ass with my arms above my head. Can't miss it.

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