Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I guess there are rules to blogging. Thursdays are "thankful Thursdays" where you apparently write about what you're thankful for that week. Wednesdays are "word free Wednesdays" which I assume either involves using only pictures, or just not writing at all. And then there's Monday gratification, which sounds a lot like thankful Thursday, if you ask me. I swear I didn't make that all up, I'm not that creative. Unfortunately, someone is. I don't intend to make my blog meet this ridiculous criteria, but I thought thankful Thursday was a good idea considering that it is, in fact, Thursday.

-I'm thankful for automatic breast pumps, and outlets to plug them into.
-For Jeffrey being a super-Daddy and trying to help out around the house while he does it.
-For the T.V. show, "I Love Money". Pointless reality entertainment amuses me like nothing else can.
-For the wonderful people at the Pampers factory. No one can make super-absorbent diapers quite like the fantabulous workers in those pseudo sweatshops.
-For my digital camera. How else could I get pictures like this:

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