Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Iced Drool

I'm not starting Madelynn on solids until she's at least 6 months, longer if she's just not ready, but since she likes to put everything in her mouth, she ends up grabbing anything I happen to be eating or drinking. Well I had just got up to get myself a glass of ice water, and I was sitting in the rocker with her on my lap. She was grabbing for the glass with both hands trying to bring it to her mouth, so I tried to ever so carefully give her a little drink. Yeah, well it ended up all over us, but she was still being little miss grabby pants so I tried again. We dumped more of the water all over ourselves and she managed to actually fill the glass back up with drool. I was going to just drink the water anyways, but the ratio of water to drool was not one that I was willing to forget, a little drool is OK, but you have to draw the line somewhere. So I got my own glass and we continued to play-drink with the first one. By the time this got old, I swear that glass contained only drool and ice cubes. Jeffrey came in from the balcony and grabbed the iced drool, swallowing the whole thing at one time.

I didn't say anything.


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