Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Jeffrey, Mady, and I all went grocery shopping. We had about a cart and a half of junk and one of my items was rice cereal. Not because I'm starting Mady on cereal, but because I didn't know such a thing existed until I had the little dear, and I wanted to buy it to see what the whole thing was about. Well that's not really the point. So we're at the register, and the little cross-eyed woman that was checking us out was talking to Mady, asking me about Mady, and gooing to Mady, blahdy blah. Usually I don't mind Mady being the star, but I was effing starving and just wanted to go home and eat something before I freaked out. Well that's not really the point either. When drool face cashier got to the rice cereal, she held it up before she scanned it and said, "You're not giving her cereal, are you? She's way too young for cereal". Are you kidding me lady? First of all, she didn't even know how old Mady was. And furthermore, being the checkout lady at Walmart does not give you an effing MD. in pediatrics. Bitchface. I said something along the lines of "Not until she's six months", but I was actually mentally blowing up that woman's lazy-eyed head with a rocket launcher.

I feel better now that I've eaten.

Anyways, it's titled 'Nunya' because what I should have said was "Nunya damn business, fuckface". I may never shop at Walmart again.

I'm not really sure why her comment pissed me off so badly. I think it was because she actually made me feel guilty for even buying the stupid cereal, like having it in the house is the same as force feeding an almost 5 month old poison. When I got home, I left it in the bag and hid it in the closet. I don't really care to know what it's all about anymore.

Bitch didn't even notice it was organic.

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