Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bad Hair Year

Some days, I wish my baby was bald. I love her hair, rubbing it, smelling it, and she looks adorable with those long locks, but I feel like the past five months we've been living with one big bad hair day after another. With quarter inch fuzz covering the back of her head, and three inch half curly, half straight hair on the tops and sides, there's just no way to make it look like anything was done on purpose. I've tried piggy tails all over, headbands and bows, but they only stay in her hair for 2.5 seconds before she's yanking them out and shoving them in her mouth. So no more accessories. In the mornings, I wet it down and comb it because the bed head is horrendous, adorable, but horrendous, yet even with water and a comb, there are still chunks sticking straight up, straight out, straight down, and not straight at all.

This is Madelynn at 5:24pm. Long after any kind of bed head should be present.

And this is at 7:52, a little while after her bath.

Even freshly washed and combed, there's just hair flying everywhere.

I wonder if they sell baby hairspray?

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