Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chilly legs? No more!

Babylegs, Babylegs, Babylegs!

I wanted to buy Babylegs for Madelynn because they are so damn adorable, but trying to explain to Jeffrey why our five month old needs twelve dollar leg warmers wasn't an easy feat. I'm pretty sure he suggested that I make my own, out of work socks or something like that, but I tuned out the blah blahs and bought two pairs online from Babycenter. I was already buying her Halloween costume from there, and if you spend a certain amount of money, you get free shipping! How could I say no? I couldn't. Hey, I have tip money. Look how effing cute these things are on my baby.

I only bought two pair, but I'm already shopping for my next two. I figure Jeffrey won't notice if I only buy them in two pair increments. I think that once he sees them on her, he just won't be able to deny her the right to super-cool-baby-leg-warmers anyways.

And diaper changes are a breeze! No more pants to yank on and off while she kicks me with all her might, trying to avoid the inevitable "awful pants monster". And since they cover her heel, no more of those missing sock escapades, where I turn the house upside down looking for a fuzzy pink sock the size of a lint ball, a sock that she is just going to rip off and chew on if I happen to find it (which is rare). Do you know how many single socks I have? A sad bunch, I assure you.

Why didn't I invent these things? Coolest thing ever in the world. Yes, the whole world. :)

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