Thursday, October 2, 2008

Binky Biting

For a long time there, I was trying to convince Madelynn to suck a pacifier instead of her thumb, because well, you can throw a pacifier away when a baby gets too old for it. I'm sure I won't be able to bring myself to cut her little thumbs off when she tries to suck her thumb at college orientation. I was a big thumb sucker, and I don't have any long term problems. I quit at a good age. But I've read all these stories about 25 year old men and women who continue to suck their thumb at night. Now of course I would still love my baby if she was an adult sucker, but I wouldn't want her to be embarrassed when say, she starts sucking her thumb in her new husband's arm, on her wedding night.

I've pretty much given up, I'm resigned to the fact that she is a true thumb sucker and a silicone bink just can't compare, but that doesn't stop me from trying every once in a while.

She chewed a hole in it. The girl only has two teeth, side by side, on the bottom, yet she somehow managed to put a hole in a nuk. So now I'm really giving up.

She ruined one of those plastic teething rings with the water in it too.

She made Jeff bleed. We've got a biter.

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