Monday, October 13, 2008

Cat Baby

Madelynn loves our cat. She's completely amazed by all the super fabulous things that Wicca does. So what does Wicca do that is so incredible? Nothing. She walks around, lays down on the floor, and then walks around some more. Occasionally she'll sit instead of doing a full-out sprawl-out, which is enough to make Mady shake with excitement. Wicca has accepted the fact that a very small person has been added to our little family, but she refuses to acknowledge her presence. She skitters away from Mady's grabby hands, careful to keep her tail from falling into the clutches of that small human monster that only wants to chew on her.

I have to give the cat a little credit. She tried to make friends when Mady first came home, but Jeffrey and I were quick to "pssst" her away for fear that she would scratch our baby blob. But Wicca was persistent and tried again after the SoftPaws fiasco, like she knew her new fake nails granted her permission to terrorize all the humans in this house, including the 'too small to defend' breed. Mady was sitting on the floor with me when Wicca sauntered over in that way that only cats can, and gave Mady's nose a little sniff. At first I thought Madelynn was frozen in fear, but then both of her little arms shot out and grabbed hold of Wicca, intending to bite her face off. Wicca jumped and high-tailed it to the safety of the kitchen. Mady was left holding two fistfuls of hair while Wicca was left a little less fuzzy.

So now, Madelynn has to admire her furry friend from afar, because Wicca won't go within three feet of her. Our fuzzy baby sticks to high places and the corners of the room trying to avoid our not so fuzzy baby. I feel sorry for both of them, Mady because she gets so happy when she sees the cat but can't touch her, and Wicca because she had to alienate herself from the household for fear of losing her tail.

I wonder if Wicca knows Mady will be able to crawl soon? Poor Wicca.

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