Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Love My Box

Madelynn has many, many toys. Soft toys, hard toys, big, small, furry, chewy, and annoying toys. But her favorite things to play with can't be found in a toy box. From magazines to oatmeal canisters to paper towel tubes, she can turn anything into a fun new toy. Her latest favorite...

Allow me to introduce this year's number one must-have gift for this holiday season. It's the Au Gratin Potato Box! With it's sleek design and easy to hold corners, your little one will enjoy hours of fun with The Au Gratin Potato Box. This wonderful toy can be yours for only $29.95 plus a small shipping fee. Call now to order, and to learn more about our huge variety of children's toys including the ever popular Nutri-grain Bar Wrapper! All orders are subject to 6% sales tax. Thank you.

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