Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shots Still Hurt

Shot today. Two actually, and both of them in the same chubby thigh. She screamed for less than thirty seconds, and then 30 seconds more when I ripped the band-aid off during a diaper change, but now she's been crying on and off all day. It's not the grumpy cry, feed me cry, or the 'I should have been asleep 20 minutes ago' cry. It's more like, 'something hurts dammit, and if you don't make it stop I'm going to rip your face off' cry. She's in pain, and she's pissed about it. Cuddles and walks around the room lead to Jeffrey's lips being pulled and stretched to their ripping point. My hair has been in a pony-tail since 9:30am, yet she manages to find that stray clump with her waving fists and yanks it out with a hiccuping grunt.

My poor baby. I just want to hug her, but she won't let me do that and still keep my eyeballs. As I've said before, shots hurt.

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