Monday, October 20, 2008


I'm not real "crafty". I'm more of a, 'why make it when you can just buy it', kind of girl. But now that I'm happily living the poor life, I've found that buying isn't really an option. I set out today to buy supplies to make that nursing necklace, and left with enough stuff to not only make five or six ugly necklaces, but also a whole crap load of scrapbooking supplies (and paint, primer, sandpaper, and pully knob things, but that's a different blog). I don't scrapbook. I actually like those ready-made baby books that you just tape your pictures to. Even though pre-made baby books are enough for me, they're not enough for my perfect baby. Every baby should have a scrap book, a book to marvel over when they're 20, a book that shows how much work and love their Mommy put into documenting their childhood. I was hoping my own Mommy would make Madelynn's, since I'm lazy like that, but it just wouldn't be the same.

I decided to start small, a practice scrapbook I guess, so I bought all matchy-matchy things and a "Scrapbooks Made Easy" guide to get me through the first couple pages. I figured I could finish three or four pages before bed. Well, I'm a scrapbooking idiot. I'm sitting on the floor with 50 sheets of paper, a million buttons, stickers, and ribbon, and not a clue. I almost "scrapped" (haha) the whole idea to watch some T.V. instead, but I forced myself to be Super Mommy and make my first page.

The page is all crinkly because I used the wrong kind of glue, I fought with the bow for fifteen minutes before I yelled "Fuck It!" out loud and just glued the damn thing on, the whole page is a little crooked, and I somehow managed to make it too big for the book sleeves because I had to cut off a good quarter inch strip to make it fit. Three or four pages before bed? That shit took me almost forty-five minutes.

As much as I'd like to hire someone to finish the stupid book for me, I have this overwhelming urge to hang my cover page on the refrigerator.

At this rate, Mady's practice scrapbook will be done by her first day of kindergarten. Go me!

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