Sunday, October 19, 2008


I'm afraid that Mads will never crawl. She seems content to use rolling as her number one means of transportation, even though I've tried to enforce more tummy time. I lay her on her belly, she rolls over, I flip her back, she rolls. I tried holding her there, but she screams like I'm beating her with a stick or something. I've asked nicely, "Please try to crawl, please? Pretty pretty please? Dammit Mady, I said please." but she just doesn't want to talk about it. I've even tried demonstrating the correct crawling pose, going from my belly to balancing on all fours, waving my butt to show her how unsteady she would be at first. She watched very closely and then smiled at me. Such a beautiful smile, yet I'd like to flick her in the forehead sometimes. I'm not saying that she should be crawling by now, she still has a huge window to start that, but I'm just afraid she might skip it. I read this study saying that children that skipped crawling and went straight to standing/walking tend to have lower English scores. Doctors have disputed it, saying it's just an old wives' tale and that there's no evidence to connect dumb high school kids with crawling vs. walking. I hope they're right.

After I stood her up and she grabbed on to the rail, I had this insane urge to knock her down for the sake of winning a spelling bee. I decided to just take pictures instead.

I'm not giving up on crawling. I honestly believe that she could do it now if she wanted to. I just have to make her want to. Somehow...

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